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Your brakes could save your life.  Brake maintenance could save you expensive repairs.

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One of the biggest threats to your brakes is your fluid. Over time, brake fluid can oxidize and absorb water, which means your brakes and your entire hydraulic system are at risk of corrosion and failure.

Ensure your brakes are at their best with our Complete Brake System Service. Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Flush out all oxidized and corrosive fluid from the brake system
  • Clean your brake fluid reservoir
  • Inspect the system for leaks, damage and water
  • Install a specially formulated fluid to help prevent corrosion
  • Test your vehicle for proper brake operation

To help you stay safe and keep your car running smoothly, we recommend testing your brake fluid every 24,000 kilometres, and getting a complete brake system service every two years or 48,000 km.

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