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Drive Line Service Edmonton

Drive Line Service is very important as Your engine is compact, powerful and efficient. That means your drive train has a big job.

Drive trains generate power and deliver it to the road. Today’s drive trains have a heavy load: harder work, higher internal temperatures, and stressed lubricants.

You can enjoy the extended life of your drive line, less drive train noise, and smooth, consistent operations in extreme climates with our Complete Drive Line Service in Edmonton.

During our Complete Drive Line Service, we:

  • Remove old, worn-out lubricants from the applicable differential, transmission, 
trans-axle or transfer case
  • Flush out housing and components
  • Inspect the assemblies for proper wear and leaks
  • Install premium synthetic lubricant that will not break down under extreme, high temperature and load conditions, and an additive for limited slip applications if required

This service is recommended every two years or 48,000 km.


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