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fuel-systemComplete Fuel System Service

Who else has been hitching a ride with you? Varnish and carbon deposits.

Over time, your vehicle’s fuel and intake system start to see gum, varnish and carbon deposits that get inside through the air intake. These deposits rob your vehicle of fuel economy and performance. Plus, you could be paying hefty repair bills if they’re left untreated.

At Computerized Auto Pro, our skilled technicians can connect a specialized tool to your engine which circulates cleaning chemicals. This Fuel System Service cleans your:

  • Throttle body assembly
  • Air intake system, including plenum runners
  • Fuel injectors
  • Intake valves and ports

This service also removes combustion chamber deposits and gas tank condensation.

With our Fuel System Service, you save money on gas and reduce emissions as well as improve your drive with restored power, improved driveability and less rough idling.

We recommend this service every two years or 48,000 km.


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