Wheel Alignment

Computerized Wheel Alignment Edmonton Drivers Can Trust

These days, a laser-guided and computerized wheel alignment is the gold standard, where modern car suspensions travel in precisely calculated arcs to give the best combination of ride, handling, and isolation.

Determining if your car needs a wheel alignment can be done with simple checks. Does your car pull to the left or right? Is the steering wheel level when travelling on a straight road? Do you feel any vibration on the steering wheel while driving? Park the car and turn the wheels to full lock. Do you see uneven wear? Any of these symptoms indicate a visit to a tire shop with the proper equipment.

Computerized AutoPro offers wheel alignment in Edmonton, and is highly qualified, offering the latest in computerized wheel and alignment services. You won’t find a shop in Edmonton as qualified as Computerized AutoPro for all your car’s maintenance needs, including wheel alignment.


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