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Why Do You Do What You Do?


ATTENTION Automotive Technicians!

Why do you do what you do?  Do you know?

Do you make lots of money but still search for more because something is missing?  Do you know why do you that? 
Well, it’s because you are not fulfilled, money can never fulfill your emotional existence: You can buy all the worldly possessions you think you desire, take trips, have personal assistants, but if you are not doing what makes you happy…well then, you’ll never be happy.  If money is the only thing that truly motivates you, then  please stop reading and continue on with your life.  
If you are driven by something else, something you cannot quite explain, a feeling perhaps, the reward you feel when you have accomplished something that others cannot, then YOU are who we are looking for. We are an innovative and industry leading Automotive Repair shop who believes in the highest level of quality for our clients.  We are driven by the pursuit of excellence in our field…for our clients.  We target clients who want nothing less than the best, they want the best parts, the newest technology and in a reasonable time frame.  
Our clients choose to do business with us not because of what we do, but rather what we believe.  What we believe is that by fulfilling our passion our clients will benefit: they feel that what we do is different than what other shops have to offer.  It is this feeling that makes us successful, this is the same feeling our staff feels as they work throughout the day. 
We work on cars and trucks, similar to what you do now, the difference is how we do it.  The how is what makes us different and creates wealth for our clients and ourselves.  Of course we have the greatest benefits, pay above average wages, have a bonus program, engage in company funded social activities that everyone working in the business chooses, but this isn’t why people work here. 
Want to join our team?
My name is Todd Eskow, I am the owner of Computerized Autopro and this is my cell phone 780-918-2557.

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