“This spring I had my 2005 Buick Lesabre serviced by Todd and Co. at Computerized Autopro. My car is now the third vehicle in our family Todd has serviced in under a year. The first two were owned by my children and in both cases their vehicles were not worth repairing. My son is now driving a vehicle that Todd’s company owned and serviced. My Daughter found a car on Kijiji and Todd was able to do the inspection on it and give her the confidence to buy a vehicle knowing she was getting value for her money.

Being their mother I have the piece of mind knowing they are driving around in a reliable vehicle in good condition and well maintained.

As for my car, I know it is a safe and sturdy vehicle however it was time for a check-up. A check-up I had been putting off because being without a vehicle for even one day is a huge inconvenience. Todd provided me with a complimentary courtesy vehicle while the repairs were being done. My car drives like a well oiled machine and he saved me in excess of $400.00 on the final bill.

I would definitely recommend Todd and Computerized Autopro and have done so to my family and friends.

It can be a challenge finding a reliable company to do vehicle repairs however I trust Todd, my family trusts Todd, he can keep your vehicle young for a long time.”

Therese Sheen

Yorkton Group International Ltd.


“I don’t let anyone else touch my cars. Todd and the boys take care of everything. I love the inspection they do with every oil change it means I don’t worry about anything.
Their estimates are always high and if they find something else that needs to be done they call you first. They can tell me what work can and cannot wait.
And my favorite part; they take care of all warranty stuff. Registering, inspections and they will even fight with them to get stuff paid for.
I have been coming here for 10 years, I won’t be stopping any time soon.”

Arlene P.

Edmonton, AB

Just had my car detailed and inspected at computerized and was very impressed with how they walked me through the inspection report afterwards.  Their integrity and level of workmanship is second to none.  The most amazing thing that happened to me throughout this whole process was that in their inspection they pointed out that I needed back brakes… but I just had my brakes done at my Ford dealer in May.  Todd walked me through why I needed new brakes and asked to see my invoice from Ford.  Upon inspection of the invoice Todd was able to tell me that there were massive differences between my invoice and the work that was completed.  I was able to take my car back to Ford where they “verified” what Todd and his guys at computerized had found.  The guys at Ford apologized for getting caught in their deception but alas it was too late, I think I will be taking my car to Computerized Autopro from now on.

Russel B.

Edmonton, AB